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Faith and My Brain


What have faith and brain science got to say to one another?

Some brain scientists (called ‘neuroscientists’) see themselves as about to prove that religious experience is nothing more than a brain malfunction, or that religion is no more than a useful fiction with evolutionary advantage.

Others see modern studies of ‘out of the body experiences’, for example, as having established once and for all the reality of a non-physical soul, independent of the brain, that is the real ‘us’.

Dr Stuart Judge argues that neither of these views is well-founded, and that it is possible to outline a view of human identity that is both biblical in its framework, and open to the new data and understandings emerging from modern neuroscience.

Dr Judge is Senior Research Fellow and Emeritus Reader in Physiology, University of Oxford.  He has spoken at various science-religion Summer Schools on Bioethics, Neuroscience, the Christian view of human nature and on Miracles.

Download the Powerpoint below.

The Audio is also available under Podcasts here.


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