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Public Theology

Welsh Christians and Churches have had a long and honourable history of influence in the public square, though often we don’t realise – and may even forget!  On 8 October 2015, we invited Christians to an exciting conference in Aberystwyth, to engage together across the nation, to consider how we can grasp the way God’s love for us and our love for others can have renewed impact in our own generation.

This is sometimes called ‘public theology’, and the aim was to develop a biblical and contemporary grasp of public theology, and how we can face the challenge of raising up new leaders for the public square for future generations.

The main talks are downloadable in different forms as below – click on the resource as highlighted:

  1. Public Theology – A Biblical Perspective, by Dr Dan Strange - Audio and Handout

  2. ‘Doing God’ Today – Christianity in Public Life, by Dr Nick Spencer - Audio and slides

  3. The Challenge of Raising up Public Leaders, by Dr Dave Landrum - Notes and slides

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