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Evangelical Alliance Wales launches CICC initiative

Evangelical Alliance Wales launched the ‘Cymru Institute for Contemporary Christianity’ (CICC) as a major feature of its twentieth anniversary celebrations in 2010.

The new, all-Wales initiative will enable Welsh Christians to engage with greater confidence in a whole range of issues such as politics, science, the arts and work. It launched in March 2010 with a series of events around Wales, including one based on the BBC TV’s ‘Question Time’.

The ‘virtual’ institute aims to equip Christians to grapple effectively with the issues of faith in the 21st century. Through a programme of seminars, delivered by leading Christian thinkers in Wales and across the UK, CICC will provide the best teaching, resources and insights to help God’s people biblically respond to the issues making the news.

“The call on God’s people to understand the culture in which we live, and engage biblically with contemporary issues and people has never been greater,” said Rev Elfed Godding, Director of Evangelical Alliance Wales. “Our ability to share the gospel competently and confidently, relating it to our modern day world, has a major bearing on the spiritual health of our nation.”

Both the current and former heads of the UK Evangelical Alliance, Steve Clifford and Joel Edwards, took part in the launch events.

Steve Clifford, current General Director of the UK Evangelical Alliance, said: “I am delighted that CICC has been launched to serve God’s people across the nation. It will provide an opportunity for Christians from all walks of life to acquire greater skills in understanding the Bible and applying them to contemporary issues. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary in Wales!”

The events began in Swansea with an address by Rev Joel Edwards on “Engaging Culture” and are then followed by two “Question Time” based events in Cardiff and Colwyn Bay, chaired by BBC Radio Wales, Rev Roy Jenkins.

The new look CICC is modelled on its predecessor, the Cardiff Institute for Contemporary Christianity. However, now as a Wales-wide initiative, CICC will have a wider scope and seek to serve Christians throughout the nation.

Delegates who attended previous CICC events illustrate the need for God’s people to have a greater understanding of the issues shaping our world:

“The seminar with Alister McGrath helped me understand the scientific arguments presented by critics like Richard Dawkins – but also helped me develop my own Christian response. Before attending the event I didn’t know how to respond to colleagues who used Dawkins’ arguments to challenge my faith.”

“The call to see cinema as missionary training for sharing my faith with my own friends has changed how I watch the movies. It also challenged me on how I need to critically assess the worldviews being expressed in today’s films, instead of just accept them.”

“Engaging Work gave me a new vision of the work I do every day and helped me overcome the myth of the sacred/secular divide. I was empowered to live out my faith at work and believe that I can make a difference in the mission field God has set before me: my workplace.”

Through a range of events, resources, downloads and forums, CICC will help Welsh Christians to:

  • Grapple with the issues that shape contemporary culture;
  • Affirm the relevance of their faith in today’s world;
  • See the difference their faith can make beyond the Church.

Rev Peter Orphan of Pantygwydr Baptist Church, Swansea is convinced CICC will be able to achieve its aims. He said: “We live in an age of increasing pressure on Christians to ‘privatise’ their faith. More than ever we need those in the workplace and community to know what they believe, and why they believe it! This will enable them to express their faith with relevance and compassion.”

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Notes for editors

  • The Cymru Institute for Contemporary Christianity (CICC) and its Cardiff predecessor were inspired by the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) which was established by the Rev Dr John Stott.

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