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Biblefresh Insights II


Developing a Hebrew-Biblical worldview, fresh skills in personal Bible study, and enjoying the inspired ‘woven’ nature of the literature – that is what this second CICC Cafe series on Biblefresh Insights is all about.

This page holds the papers used in the CICC Cafe series.

Recognising that ‘the letter kills’ but believing that ‘the Spirit gives life’ (2 Cor 3.6), the Cafe opened up a new window onto the spiritual, prophetic voice woven into the scriptures.

The Cafe series began with five weeks looking at the text of Genesis 1, looking at the detailed analysis of the literal text, and the revelation within the ‘woven’ structure.

We then spent a week practicing the skill of text analysis, but in the Gospels text from Mark 4 on the Parable of The Sower.  The literal text and the analysed text is given below, to show how we set it out.

The Creation – Literal Text Genesis 1.1-13

The Creation – Literal Text Genesis 1.14-31

The Creation – Literal Text Genesis 1.26-2.3

The Creation Weave Text (Genesis Unit I: 1.1-2.3)

The Creation Weave – Graphic Sumary

Division & Connection Text (Genesis Unit II: 2.4-4.26)

Genesis Weave

Exodus Weave

Pentateuch Weave – the Focus of the Five Books of Moses

The Writing of God & the Map of the Pentateuch – Powerpoint Presentation


New Testament examples:

The Parable of the Sower/Soils – Literal Text

The Parable of the Sower/Soils – Analysed Text