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Church Growth Models

Dr John Hayward has been facilitating a series of sessions at the CICC Cafe on Church Growth, in which church leaders have been grappling with issue of kingdom/church growth.  We have brought our knowledge of the Bible and of churches in Wales, and tried to draft out various ‘models’ using computer simulation approaches.

The handouts for the sessions can be downloaded below:

Session one, May 2010: How to use System Dynamics to build a church growth model. An introduction to model building in System Dynamics. Notes in the form of: powerpoint presentation, or as PDF. (8MB files). Use slide show to get the best effect. Homework. System Dynamics Elements.

Session two, June 2010: Principles of church growth. the nature of church and its growth was discussed and written up for the July meeting: Summary 13/7/10. A model of issues raised by messy church was constructed.

Session three, July 2010: Issues in congregational growth. A review of issues that affect congregational growth were discussed following the guidelines: Issues to Consider.

Session four, September 2010: Three working sub-models. The meeting started with a presentation of 3 working sub-models: Discipleship in a modern conversionist church; Generationally sustainable church; and Contextual church. these are explained further on the Blog and on the September handout.