Theology Cafe: Future for Wales?


Theology Café is a space for anyone and everyone to come and debate issues of God, life, the universe and everything.

At a time when pop-atheism is all over the media, and yet the numbers of people seeking spiritual truth is at a zenith, what would our world and society look like if a benevolent God really did exist?

Taking place every second Tuesday of the month from 8pm – 10pm at The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff, Theology Café will be led by experts in varied academic fields, who will help us engage with this question.

The 2013 series of Theology Cafes has been configured around the Question: What Future do we want for Wales?  Much of what is audible in the political and media language is based on ‘key words’, like sustainability, environment and democracy.

The Theology Cafe is partnering with the Philosophy Cafe held at The Gate, to explore key words from a philosophical and theology perspective.

2013 Theme – KEYWORDS

  • Feb 12th: History and Escatalogy with Rev Paul Hocking
  • March 12th: Sustainability with Rev Dr John Weaver
  • April 9th: Creativity with Rev Dr Craig Gardiner
  • May 14th: Citizenship with Rev Dr Peter Sedgewick
  • June 11th: Compassion with Rev Dr Trystan Owain-Hughes


The fifth Cafe in the series is:

What Future for Wales?

Key Word: Citizenship

  • Tuesday, 11 June at 8pm
  • Rev Dr Trystan Owain-Hughes
  • Gate Arts Centre, Keppoch St, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3JW

    Rev. Dr. Trystan Owain Hughes, author of ‘Finding Hope and Meaning in Suffering’ and ‘The Compassion Quest’ leads our debate this month on the keyword compassion. Trystan argues that compassion, i.e. entering into the experience of another, is vital to the future of a Wales that values both humanity and nature.

One not to miss!

Come along, grab a drink and join in the conversation!

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