Can I believe the Bible? 5: Old & New Testaments Swansea


Can I believe the Bible?

The ‘Bible and Church’ series from Tyndale House, Cambridge, aims to present world-class scholarship directly to the church, providing expert evidence in support of the historical basis of the faith, and renewing confidence in the Bible.

With new books being published every year, throwing a smokescreen of doubt and innuendo over the integrity of Christianity, the “Bible and Church” series of events across Wales offers evidence for the reliability of the Old and New Testaments, and particularly the Gospels as a rational source of knowledge about Jesus.

We are being bombarded with false information about the Bible.  It is alleged that it has been corrupted by power-hungry Christians.  They are charged with having omitted books they did not like, and changing the original message of Jesus.

So, can we believe the Bible?  Join these CICC events and deepen in your knowledge and confidence in the inspired Word of God.

At this double session, Dr Martin Heide of Tyndale House will address the question: ‘How did the Old Testament come to us?’ and Dr Dirk Jongkind will address the question: ‘How did the New Testament come to us?’  Join us to get up to date with the latest research.  For more information on Tyndale House’s expert team, download their short biographies below, and for more details on the Bible and Church series, go to Tyndale House’s web site  here, or for a taster of the kind of expertise, look at their excellent Easter Evidence video clips here.

In 2011, CICC is taking up the ‘Biblefresh’ challenge – to see how God’s message really can bring change in our lives, our churches, our communities and our world.

CICC’s programme for the Spring and Summer will have a specific focus on the Bible – always a contemporary issue facing Christians!  The style will vary during the series from drama, to big picture, to latest academic research – all with a view to helping you in your appreciation and confidence in God’s Word.

2011 also marks the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible – a translatin that has shaped our culture in a myriad of ways.  Do join us for this ‘Biblefresh’ series, and discover afresh the relevance of the revelation of God for today.

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