Disciple-making Communities


The Great Commission of Jesus was, literally: ‘Going, disciple all people-groups…’

So, what is the evidence of this disciple-making in the church here in Wales, or in my church, or – to get very personal – in my life?

Put up your hand, if you are intentionally befriending and learning to follow Jesus, with one other person, or two or three?  Imagine, if all disciple-followers of Jesus were doing this in Wales, there really would be a revival!

Where are there examples of individuals, communities or churches who are purposefully working out this command of Jesus?

This CICC Cafe is aimed at sharing some real examples, and learning from each other, regarding the task committed to us by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  The Cafe follows the CICC event on 2 October, on Disciple-making Churches, and will give us space to work out the implications of what Neil Hudson shared with us.

The first Cafe will be on Sunday evening, 14 October at 8.15pm, and will continue on the five alternate Sunday evenings up to 9 December.

Join us this Sunday in The Gate, grab a drink and engage with us in the conversation.

What  a challenge!  What an exciting prospect!

To help fund the Cafe costs, make your donation below, or at the session.

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