Global Gender Issues Wrexham

Gender Issues – on a Global Scale.

Dr Elaine Storkey will show that a biblical understanding of human gender relations is more than about engaging with issues of church leadership or family life. Whilst these areas are important, she believes that the Bible alerts us to some deep-seated problems which are of global significance.
Today, the absence of legal protection, forced marriage, trafficking and rape as a weapon of war, are alarmingly regular experiences for many women. When these are added to the problems of economic hardship, child brides, illiteracy and disempowerment, we see issues which call for a compassionate Christian understanding and response.
During the evening, you’ll gain an understanding of the global scene; insights into developing a Christian response and how you can make a difference.
Elaine lectures across the world and her writings have brought a biblical perspective to gender issues. She is a popular CICC speaker and her events here are always well attended – so do book your tickets below.
We hope you are able to join us and bring friends and members of your church with you. Elaine’s lectures are always guaranteed to be stimulating, engaging and challenging.

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