CICC Cafe: Living Lightly


As Christian disciples, we believe that God loves this world and has given each one of us the privilege of looking after it. To do so involves every area of our lives, from our own day-to-day choices, to campaigning and what happens in our churches and workplaces.

Ruth Valerio leads A Rocha’s Living Lightly initiative.  She will be running this CICC Cafe in an interactive style in the Cafe Bar of The Gate Arts Centre, a beautifully preserved Grade II listed building, giving us opportunity to understand and engage with the challenge of being disciples who live lightly in our generation.

There is no single definition of living lightly, nor is there a roadmap or a set of commandments that will apply to every person in every society.  Living lightly means seeking God’s mandated way of life, which makes a positive impact on our environment, our community and society; and also inspires others to join us in God’s Kingdom purpose.

Living lightly is a pursuit, a worldview, or maybe even a quest. It is a social movement with a very individual approach, and as such can be either very public and communal or very private and personal.

Living lightly is a lifestyle: the lifestyle of Jesus, God’s perfect human being.  It is at once ethical, practical, economical and spiritual.

Ruth has a theology degree from Cambridge and an MA from the London School of Theology, and is currently doing doctoral studies at Kings College London. She has written extensively on justice, environment and lifestyle issues, and is the author of L is for Lifestyle.

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