Of Logic, Logos and Me-Plc Wrexham


What’s shaping Britain? Mark Greene leads an exploration of business, cultural values and Christian responses.

Britain may be under new political management but will the underlying forces that are driving our culture remain untouched? Mark Greene, Executive Director of The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, looks below the surface, beyond government, at the dominant nexus of influence in the UK – business.

Calvin argued that the dominant institution tends to shape every area of a nation’s life. How are the core ideas that shape business shaping everything from education, to health, to work, to the shoes on our feet and the spring – or lack of it – in our step? Are these big ideas likely to make our individual, corporate or national life better or worse? And if these are the key drivers, how might the Gospel shape our response as workers, citizens, parents … as human beings?

In this lively, multi-media presentation, entitled ‘Of Logic, Logos and Me Plc’, Mark offers a Biblical perspective and some practical, personal and communal ways forward. Come and discuss.

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