Presumed Consent? A Debate

What do you think about automatically donating your organs when you die? Does the Bible and Christian Faith have anything to say on this matter?

Come and join in the conversation on this hot topic at this free CICC Cafe in partnership with CARE.

Presumed Consent – Is there a Christian view?

Dr Trevor Stammers of St Mary’s College, London, will set the scene

The Welsh government is proposing a new law for what is known as ‘presumed consent’ of organ donation by 2015. The legislation would require people to opt out of donating their organs when they die, rather than opting in by signing the donor register, as is the case now. The consultation period on the proposals is underway, and is due to close at the end of January.

CICC, in partnership with CARE, will be holding a Cafe-style session to explore and discuss this issue. Dr Trevor Stammers of St Mary’s College London will introduce the topic, and then everyone will have opportunity to explore the issues, in small groups and as a whole. Free tea and coffee will be available and other drinks can be purchased from the bar.

Following the session, CARE will be sending in their own response to the consultation, and you, your church or your organisation may also want to have your say!

The Cafe is free, but it would help to know the numbers who are coming, so click on the CICC email and let us know (contact form). Join us in the conversation!


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