Why God won’t go away!

Another great opportunity to engage with cutting edge thinkers and communicators on contemporary issues!

Professor Alister McGrath, of Kings College London

Why God won’t go away! Reflections on the New Atheism

This event is organised as part of the Swansea University Theology Public Lecture series, and CICC is glad to support it and encourage its members to take advantage of this great

Professor Alister McGrath is one of Britain’s leading Christian theologians.  He is an evangelical Christian and is at the forefront of the opposition to Richard Dawkins and the ‘New Atheists’.  He was formerly Professor at Oxford University and is now Professor at King’s College London.  He is the author of many books, including his latest, which is a robust and erudite response to the ‘New Atheism’.

This lecture is open to all and admission is free.  As there will probably be strong interest in this event, we recommend you arrive early!

For further information please contact, Revd. Nigel John 01792 205678 ex.4442 or email

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