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A Humble Confidence Podcast

Trusting the Bible and Questioning Ourselves

It can seem that there are two options when it comes to the Bible today:

  1. a certainty – arrogant and off-putting – that we know exactly what it says, and so that when we speak, the Bible speaks
  2. a caution – winsome but ultimately useless – that refuses ever to commit to a view on anything.


Learning from the past, and from the culture around us, and facing up to real-world hard examples, Dr Steve Holmes  explores how we can be appropriately confident in the Bible, and its relevance and importance to the pressing questions that face us, whilst also being honest about our ability to read the Bible correctly – or maybe incorrectly!

Steve Holmes is a Baptist minister, presently employed as Senior Lecturer in Theology at the University of St Andrews. He, Heather, and their three daughters have lived in Fife for ten years, and were around London before that. Steve speaks regularly at ministers’ meetings, Spring Harvest, and other conferences and festivals, and has given the Deere Lectures in San Francisco, the Laing Lecture in London, and other public lectures.

He is the author/editor of over a dozen books, including Public Theology in Cultural Engagement; The Holy Trinity: Understanding God’s Life; and Walk this Way: Forty Days on the Road with Jesus (with Russell Rook).

He is a trustee and board member of the Evangelical Alliance, and of Chapel St Community Schools Trust (a Christian charity devoted to social regeneration); and a Council member of the Scottish Bible Society.

This is a recording (53 mins; 48MB) of the CICC event held on Tuesday, 25 November 2014 at Thornhill Church Centre, Cardiff

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