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End of Life Decisions

To Be or Not to Be – THE Question

Dr Idris Baker


We never thought we would come to this point, but we have.  The challenge of choices about dying.

With people living so much longer, and technological advances making the unbelievable possible, decisions about dying, and the end of our earthly life, are becoming more and more confusing and complex.

Especially for ordinary people.

And especially for ordinary Christians, who have always viewed birth and death as sacred, sacrosanct.

Dr Idris Baker is a medical consultant in the care of those who are dying, and also training in ethics.  He is an believer in God, and in the eternal value of the human soul.  He is ideally placed to outline the key current challenges, and to help us explore what insights the Bible gives us in making choices about dying – our own, and those for whom we care.

This is a key ‘hot’ topic for our society, and for Christians.  What are appropriate Christian responses to those drawing near to the end of their natural lives?

This is a recording (54mins; 53MB) of the CICC event held on Monday, 4 November 2013 at Princes Drive Baptist Church, Colwyn Bay.  The responses to the discussion questions at the end of the talk are not included.

Download a brief Biography for Idris Baker here.

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