Disciple-making Church – Evening


How can churches become communities that envision, equip and support their people to be fruitful on their daily frontlines – wherever those are?

How can we create a missional people? Jesus called his disciples to be makers of disciples and yet, with all the pressures of local church, the core task of moving people beyond conversion to becoming confident fruitful followers of Jesus in all of life – work, home, leisure, church – can be a daunting one.

Throughout this year, Neil Hudson of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) is leading training workshops across the UK for church leaders, leadership teams and all those who want to create whole-life disciplemaking churches. He’ll be exploring the biblical vision, the practical principles and the process he’s been learning in his work with churches of different sizes and denominations across the nation, and offering a clear framework for moving forward.

What are the implications for leaders and disciple-makers who want to create a missional disciple-making community? How can people grown in confidence to make a difference on their frontlines? What helps? What hinders? What keeps it going? What resources can help? And how can you discern the right first steps to take in your own particular context?

Neil draws on the LICC’s eight years of reflection and on-the-ground work with local churches, not only to identify the key theological and methodological barriers to whole-life mission but to offer a workable, sustainable framework for creating a disciple-making community.  The key to the approach is new eyes and so, as they have found, it can be begun without new programmes, new premises, new resources… Come and explore

Naturally, individuals are more than welcome, but, given the nature and vital importance of the topic, it’s often more helpful if leaders can come with others from the same church.

The cost of the evening double-session is £6.  Please register by selecting the quantity of tickets below.

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